Yes, that’s me, circa 1967 on vacation at my little piece of heaven on Mother Earth, Washington Island, Wisconsin. I must have been exploring the Jackson Harbor Ridges, a natural area that is still beautiful today thanks to land conservation.


Welcome to the Wild Ones Root River Chapter’s online native plant store! It’s been a dream of mine to convert Excel spreadsheets into a website and thanks to Matt Nelson of Madison SEO my dream has become a reality.  Matt was responsible for the creation of the Friends of the UW Madison Arboretum online native plant sale and helped Regina Harders and I learn how to create our own store.  Now with our amateur web developer skills I think we were able to put together something that we hope will increase awareness of the importance of native plants to the SE Wisconsin area.

Special thanks to Johnson’s Nursery, Possibility Place and Prairie Moon Nursery for allowing us to share their website content. Thank you to Agrecol, Johnson’s Nursery, Possibility Place, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries and W.&E. Radtke, Inc. for growing the healthy native plants we are offering at our sale. Thank you to the Wild Ones Fox Valley Chapter for giving us permission to use their “native plant info sheets” to assist us with describing each plant. I also want to credit the photographers and thank them for allowing us to use their work:  Michael R. Anderson, Ed Buchs, Dana Garrigan, Heather Holm, Gary Shackelford and Sharon Yiesla each bring a special focus to native plants and what depends on them to survive.  Thank you also to Heather Hiland for giving permission to use her wonderful sketches of bumblebees on Echinacea pallida for the website. Last but certainly not least thank you to Danielle Bell of Native Roots Design, LLC for creating a business that specializes in landscaping with native plants. We could all use some help figuring out what native plant to put where. Click here for her talk at our March 21, 2022 Chapter meeting and at our February 4, 2023 Chapter meeting. Click here for some of her companion plant recommendations. Check out our recent YouTube channel video from our Feb. 5, 2024 event with Root-Pike WIN and Sierra Club Gardening for Wildlife and Water Quality.

There is no minimum plant purchase requirement so go ahead and add that one plant to the cart and give native plants a try, you won’t regret it.  Not all native plants were available in the popular quart size so we added some plants grown in larger half gallon and gallon sized pots and smaller pint-sized containers. Trees and shrubs vary in size from #1 to #5 containers. Popular varieties will probably sell out so get your orders in early, first come, first served.  The store will be open from February 1 to April 1, 2024.  Native plants purchased on the website now will be available for pick up on May 18, 2024 at Dane Hill Farm from 9 am to 2 pm, we will not be hosting an in-person sale this year.

Thank you for supporting our chapter’s mission to get more native plants in the ground, we are helping Mother Earth one native plant at a time.

Joann C. Sustachek

Wild Ones Root River Chapter Native Plant Sale Coordinator