Trillium grandiflorum (Great white trillium)


Type: Forb

Area: Woodland

Height: 3/4′ – 1 1/2′

Bloom Months: May, June

Color: White

Sun: Part Shade

Moisture: Moist

Soil: rich, loamy, rather loose

Host: Clepsis melaleucana (Black-Patched Clepsis Moth), Euplexia benesimilis (American Angle Shades Moth)

Photo credit: Possibility Place, Sharon Yiesla

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Description from Possibility Place: Trillium grandiflorum may be the most engaging and beautiful of the spring woodland flowers. The striking white almost glows when seen from a distance. Unfortunately, it has a short bloom time of about two weeks and then, like most of our woodland spring flowers, it starts to melt away and will usually be gone by summer. White wake-robin is a beautiful plant, but it is NOT a plant for every yard or garden. It needs to be protected by high canopy trees and richer woodland soils.

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