Solidago riddellii (Riddell’s goldenrod)


Type: Forb

Area: Prairie

Height: 3′

Bloom Months: Aug, Sept, Oct

Color: Yellow

Sun: Full Sun

Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet, Medium

Soil:  calcareous soil containing some sand or gravel

Attracts/Benefits: Birds, Butterflies and Pollinators

Notes: Deer resistant

Photo credit: Prairie Moon Nursery

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Description from Prairie Moon Nursery: Riddell’s Goldenrod produces mounded clusters of lemon-yellow flowers from August through October.  As the plant blossoms, the leaves will often wither away, drawing attention to the bobbing yellow buds atop naked stems; these turn a ruddy red as the coolness of autumn creeps in and transforms the flowers into tufted, oatmeal-colored seedheads. The foliage is quite distinct: the midvein is very pronounced, with the edges on either side folding upwards.  Leaves layer over each other, creating a beautiful “braided” effect as they ascend the stem.  The long, narrow foliage arcs gracefully away from the center.  These foliage factors are unique to Riddell’s Goldenrod.

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