Silphium integrefolium (Rosin weed)


Type: Forb

Area: Prairie

Height: 5′

Bloom Months: July, Aug, Sept

Color: Yellow

Sun:  Full Sun

Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry

Soil:  Clay, Loam, Sand

Attracts/Benefits: Birds, Butterflies, Pollinators

Note: Deer resistant

Photo credit: Prairie Moon Nursery

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Description from Prairie Moon Nursery: Though not nearly as tall and stately as its cousin, Compass Plant, Rosin Weed is nonetheless a wonderful choice for a native garden, especially if you are concerned with drought. When it comes to tolerating dry soils, few plants are as hardy as Rosin Weed.  With its deep taproot, this species will keep its composure while other plants whither.  Small rhizomes will extend from this taproot allowing it to form small colonies, albeit slowly.  Unlike many composite flowers, which have fertile disk flowers and sterile ray flowers, Rosin Weed exhibits the exact opposite. It is the showy ray flowers that are fertile.

Rosin Weed attracts a variety of pollinators but it is especially relished by some of our smaller solitary bees. The plant gets its common name from the sticky rosin it produces, which was used as a chewing gum by the Native Americans. Rosin weed is quick to mature once germinated, reaching flowering size surprisingly fast.

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