Sambucus racemosa subsp. pubens (Scarlet Elderberry)


Mature Height: 10 feet
Mature Spread: 6 feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Shrubby/Clump
Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Sun/Part Shade
Site Requirements: Dry Mesic, Mesic (Not too Wet Not too Dry)
Flower: White
Bloom Period: Late Spring
Fall Color: Yellow
Note: 2 gallon pot

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Description from Possibility Place: Red Elderberry is a large shrub with attractive, abundant red fruit that ripen in mid-summer. It has a sprawling growth habit and will often form colonies in ideal growing conditions. Unlike Black or Common Elderberry, Sambucus nigra var. canadensis, the fruit of Red Elderberry is slightly toxic and not recommended for consumption. Red Elderberry is found only occasionally in Illinois and has a status of threatened in the state.

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