Silene regia (Royal catchfly)


Type: Forb

Area: Prairie

Height: 2′ – 4′

Bloom Months: July, Aug

Color: Red

Sun:  Full Sun

Moisture: Dry, Mesic

Soil:  Loam

Attracts/Benefits: Various Moths, Larger Butterflies including Papilio polyxenes asterias (Black Swallowtail), Hummingbirds

Photo credit: Prairie Moon Nursery and Sharon Yiesla

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Description from Possibility Place: Royal Catchfly is an upright prairie plant.  It produces large spikes of bright red flowers on top of a single flowering stalk.  The blooming period occurs mid to late summer and lasts about a month.  The flowers are a powerful attraction for large butterflies and hummingbirds.  Loss of habitat has made this plant rare in Illinois, and it is currently on the Illinois Endangered Species list.

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