Rosa carolina (Carolina rose)


Mature Height: 2-3 feet
Mature Spread: 2-4 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate
Growth Form: Shrubby/Clump, Ground cover, Colonizing / Spreading, Rhizomatous/stoloniferous
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Dry, Dry Mesic, Mesic (Not too Wet Not too Dry)
Flower: Pink
Bloom Period: Summer
Fall Color: Red
Notes: Butterfly host plant, pollinator hot spot, edible fruit

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Description from Possibility Place: Pasture Rose is a small rose which forms a very loose thicket, allowing numerous prairie plants to grow around it. This rose is adapted to sand country. Pasture Rose blooms heavily in June and then sporadically through September. Fall color is red with crimson hips. Since these hips are small, you may need more than 3 to get enough vitamin C to equal an orange.

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