Rosa blanda (Early wild rose)


Mature Height: 4-6 feet
Mature Spread: 4-8 feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Shrubby/Clump, Colonizing / Spreading, Rhizomatous/stoloniferous
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Dry Mesic, Mesic (Not too Wet Not too Dry), Moist Mesic
Flower: Pink
Bloom Period: Summer
Fall Color: Red
Notes: Butterfly host plant, loved by birds, pollinator hot spot, edible fruit

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Description from Possibility Place: Another name is “Smooth Rose,” which would seem to indicate that it has few thorns. However, I have read and observed that the plant can have a lot of thorns. Isn’t it neat how taxonomists classify plants, and the plants try their best to wiggle out of the classification? Early Wild Rose does create a thicket. The flowers are pink with yellow centers that bloom late May to early June. The rose hips are red and half an inch wide. It has been said by numerous authorities that 3 rose hips are equal in Vitamin C to one orange. I have tried rose hips and concluded that I like oranges a whole lot better.

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