Rhus typhina (Staghorn sumac)


Mature Height: 10-30 feet
Mature Spread: 20-30 feet
Growth Rate: Fast, Colonizing
Growth Form: Open, Spreading
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Doesn’t do well in poorly-drained soils
Flower: Dioecious. Female flowers are greenish-white, in 4-8” panicles
Bloom Period: June-July
Foliage: Large (24” long), bright-green leaves: Compoundly divided with 2–5” lanceolate-oblong leaflets
Fall Color: Yellow, Orange, Red
Fruit Notes: On female plants, clusters of hairy drupes ripen to a bright red color in late summer and persist through winter.
Note: 2 gallon pot

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Staghorn sumac is a vigorous, colonizing small tree or large Wisconsin native shrub with great value to wildlife. It will thrive in exposed and challenging sites such as roadway embankments where few other plants would survive. It’s a low-maintenance plant (in natural or restoration settings) that offers multiple seasons of interest. This plant is not recommended for formal, homeowner landscapes.

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