Quercus macrocarpa (Bur oak)


Mature Height: 70-80 feet
Mature Spread: 75-90 feet
Growth Rate: Slow
Growth Form: Tree, columnar in youth, broad with age
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Site Requirements: Adaptable to many soils and moisture levels except flooded sites
Flower: Monoecious, insignificant male and female flowers emerge in spring with leaves
Bloom Period: April-June; variable
Foliage: Dark Green
Fall Color: Yellow-Brown to Tan
Fruit Notes: Acorn, 3/4 inch, brown, more than half covered by cap (involucre), good crops every 2-3 years

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Description from Johnson’s Nursery: The iconic oak of Wisconsin! Bur Oak is one of the toughest oaks, tolerant of highly alkaline soils and drought. Most have interesting corky bark on young branches. The acorns make it an excellent plant to attract wildlife. Use where space is not limiting as Bur Oak is large at maturity and long-lived. May also be known as Blue Oak, Mossycup Oak.

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