Osmunda cinnamomea (Cinnamon Fern)


Type: Fern

Area: Woodland

Height: 5′

Width: 3′

Sun: Partial Sun / Part Shade, Shade

Moisture: Medium, Medium Wet, Wet

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand

Note: larger pot (1/2 gallon), rain garden suited, retains leaves in winter

Photo credit: Possibility Place

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Description from Possibility Place: The fronds of Cinnamon Fern occur in groups, rising from a shallow, black rootstock. Fertile fronds appear first as furry fiddleheads, gradually becoming rigid and erect– turning from green to cinnamon brown. Sterile fronds arch outwards forming a vase-shaped circle enclosing the cinnamon fronds. It can reach a height of 6 ft and provides seasonal cover for birds and other wildlife. Thrives in moist soil, from full sun to partial shade. These plants spread very slowly, and can be used as a companion plants with other natives.

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