Hystrix patula (Bottlebrush grass)


Type: Grass

Area: Savanna

Height: 2 1/2 – 3′

Bloom Months: 6-8

Color: Green

Sun: part sun-light shade

Moisture: moist to slightly dry

Soil: loamy soil containing decaying organic matter

Host: Butterfly: Enodia anthedon (Northern Pearly Eye), Moths: Elachista epicmicta, Elachista illectella, Elachista leucofrons, Elachista orestella, Elachista praelineata, Papaipema cerina (Golden Borer Moth), Asymmetrura graminivorella

Attracts/Benefits: White-footed Mouse

Photo Credit: Possibility Place and Sallie Krebs

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Description from Possibility Place: Bottlebrush Grass gets its name from the spiky seed heads that look just like the brush used to clean baby bottles, for those of you that have or have cared for children that is. I have found this most commonly in mesic woods and slope communities, however it is not uncommon on the floodplain. It can be aggressive on open ground but does not seem to push other plants out of the way, a coexistence type of player in the woods. The seed heads are show stoppers in late summer and will persist until early fall and beyond if they are not disturbed.

Click here for more information: https://www.possibilityplace.com/our-plants/elymus-hystrix


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