Hypericum pyramidatum (Great St. John’s wort)


Type: Perennial

Area: Moist wooded slopes, streambanks, and thickets

Height:  6′

Bloom Months:  July, August

Color: Yellow

Sun: Full, Partial

Moisture: Medium-Wet, Medium

Soil: Loam

Attracts/Benefits: Pollinator favorite

Note: Deer resistant, quart sized pot

Photo credit: Prairie Moon Nursery

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Description from Prairie Moon Nursery: Hypericum pyramidatum, Great St. John’s Wort is a perennial that blooms for about three-weeks between the months of July and August. Its bright yellow blooms are a great food source for many pollinators. Bumblebees are the primary pollinators, but smaller bees and other insects also visit the flowers. Some insects feed on the other flower parts.

Great St. John’s Wort is found on moist wooded slopes, streambanks, and thickets. It is easily grown in moist, well-drained soils in full sun to partial shade. It is found in the North-Eastern United States and part of Canada. It is also called Hypericum ascyron.
The foliage is somewhat toxic to mammalian herbivores and because of this, the plant is usually avoided. The foliage can also cause irritation to the skin.

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