Hydrophyllum virginianum (Virginia waterleaf)


Type: Forb

Area: Woodland

Height: 2 feet

Bloom Months: May, June

Color: Purple

Sun: Partial, Shade

Moisture: Medium Wet, Medium

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand

Attracts/Benefits: Pollinators, Deer Resistant

Photo credit: Prairie Moon Nursery

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Description from Prairie Moon Nursery: The name Hydrophyllum means ‘water’; notice how the early season leaves of the Virginia Waterleaf appear to have water droplets (see corresponding photo above). Virginia Waterleaf’s small, light purple, bell-shaped flowers bloom from May to June. These small flowers attract mainly bees, but also some other pollinators.

Virginia Waterleaf is a classic Northwoods plant. It prefers partial sun to full shade and medium soils. In its native range, you can find Virginia Waterleaf in wooded areas, specifically deciduous woodlands. Virginia Waterleaf can be aggressive and rhizomatous and therefore may not be suitable for small landscape plantings.

Click here for more information: https://www.prairiemoon.com/hydrophyllum-virginianum-virginia-waterleaf-prairie-moon-nursery.html

Recommended for establishing soft landings under keystone tree species, more information about soft landings can be found here: https://www.pollinatorsnativeplants.com/softlandings.html


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