Geranium maculatum (Wild Geranium)


Type: Forb

Area: Woodland

Height: 1-2 1/2′

Bloom Months: May, June

Color: Lavender

Sun: Part Shade to Part Sun

Moisture: Moist

Soil: rich loamy soil with abundant organic matter

Host: Moths: Archips purpurana (Omnivorous Leafroller), Heliothis virescens (Tobacco Budworm, Geranium Budworm), Lacinipolia lorea (Bridled Arches)

Attracts/Benefits: Various Butterflies, Skippers, Bees, Bumblebees

Note: Easy to grow for “native plant newbies”

Photo Credit: Prairie Moon Nursery, Sharon Yiesla

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Description from Possibility Place: Wild Geranium is a great addition to any shade area. Blooms occur late spring to early summer and last about a month. While plants will grow in full shade environments, you will get the best flower show by placing in part shade. Leaves may become yellowed or scorched during the hot, dry months, but can be kept green with extra watering.

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Click here for the native pollinators that feed on Geranium maculatum.

Recommended for establishing soft landings under keystone tree species, more information about soft landings can be found here:


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