Cornus sericea (Redosier dogwood)


Mature Height: 7-9 feet
Mature Spread: 8-10 feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Round, upright-spreading, suckering shrub
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Site Requirements: Prefers moist to wet soil, tolerates dry, drought, flooding, alkaline and clay soils
Flower: White, small clusters
Bloom Period: Summer
Foliage: Ovate to lanceolate, medium to dark green
Fall Color: Red to orange, fading to purple
Fruit Notes: Bluish-white drupe, cluster, ornamental, attracts birds

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Description from Johnson’s Nursery:  Redosier Dogwood is a uniquely beautiful Wisconsin native shrub that provides food and shelter to nearly 100 species of birds. It can be used as a stunning hedge or border plant in just about any soil condition. Thriving in wet areas, with suckering roots, this hardy shrub can provide erosion control while showing off brilliant red young stems in winter and clusters of white berries in fall. A fast grower that reaches considerable size, Redosier Dogwood requires minimal maintenance. May also be known as Redtwig Dogwood.

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