Cornus alternifolia (Pagoda dogwood)


Mature Height: 15-25 feet
Mature Spread: 15-25 feet
Growth Rate: Slow
Growth Form: Broad to upright, spreading
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Full Shade
Site Requirements: Rich, slightly acidic well-drained soil
Flower: Creamy White
Bloom Period: May-June
Foliage: Dark Green
Fall Color: Maroon to Purple
Fruit Notes: Blue-black pea-sized fruits in July
Photo credits: Johnson’s Nursery and Sharon Yiesla

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Description from Johnson’s Nursery:  Native to Wisconsin’s woodlands and forests, Pagoda Dogwood is an incredibly useful small tree or large shrub that provides year-round interest in the landscape. 2-inch clusters of slightly fragrant flowers in spring give way to blue-black berries on red peduncles (flower stalks) in summer, a favorite of native wildlife. Maroon fall color and an attractive, horizontal-tiered branching structure with deep purple twigs round out the year to provide interest throughout the seasons.

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