Cephalanthus occidentalis (Buttonbush)


Mature Height: 6-8 feet
Mature Spread: 6-8 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate
Growth Form: Arching, Irregular, upright
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Site Requirements: Thrives in wet sites, intolerant of dry sites. Indifferent to soil texture.
Flower: Small, fragrant, white globular
Bloom Period: Early to mid-July
Foliage: Oval to elliptical, glossy green
Fall Color: Yellowish to dark bronze
Fruit Notes: Russet brown spherical cluster of achenes
Photo credits:  Possibility Place and Sharon Yiesla

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Description from Possibility Place:  A shrub of the marsh, swamp, or floodplain, this plant grows well in good garden soil. In swamps, Buttonbush will grow in standing water. The leaves are an eye-catching glossy green but generally lack great fall color. White flowers blooming in late July and early August bear a striking resemblance to Sputnik.

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