Carex vulpinoidea (brown fox sedge)


Type: Sedge

Area: Prairie

Height: 1′ to 3′

Sun: full sun-part shade

Moisture: mesic, moist

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand

Photo Credit: Possibility Place

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Description from Possibility Place: Simply put, this sedge is one of the most attractive native grass-likes you can plant in the yard. Usually found in low areas in both sun and light shade, it does very well in both. It does need to be in mesic to moist soils, though. The slightly spiky and very fountain like habit set it apart in appearance from many of the other commonly seen Carex in Illinois. The flower heads are erect and white tinged.  They are visited by a very interesting collection of little bugs. Plus, they look very nice. I have planted masses of these in planting beds with great success. They tend to grow together quickly, so planting larger flowering plants with them will be more appealing.

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