Carex muskingumensis (Palm sedge)


Type: Sedge

Area: Prairie

Height: 2′ to 3′

Sun: full sun-part shade

Moisture: mesic, moist

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand

Photo Credit: Possibility Place

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Description from Possibility Place: Palm sedge gets its common name comes from its resemblance to a palm. Kind of amazing how they come up with those, right? Aside from this resemblance, it is a very good looking sedge. In the wild it forms wonderful creeping colonies in damp soils and light shade. In the garden, however, it tends to be a little more upright and fountaining in shape, adding an interesting texture and shape to any planting. Look for it to do best in slightly shaded areas that get damp from time to time over the course of a year, never really drying out. I have found many interesting little creatures hiding in the dense base of the plant. Really cool on many levels.

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