Betula nigra (River Birch)


Mature Height: 30 feet
Mature Spread: 20 feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Single trunk
Light Requirements: Eastern Exposure / Morning Sun, Full Sun
Site Requirements: Moist Mesic, Wet
Flower: Yellow catkin
Bloom Period: Spring
Fall Color: Yellow
Photo credits: Possibility Place

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Description from Possibility Place: A fast-growing birch (up to 3 feet per year) with exfoliating cinnamon to brown bark. Best planted in groups on wet to moist soil with pH of 6.5. As birch is very drought-sensitive, you might try planting it near a downspout. Can be single or multi-stem. Requires full sun. Time and time again I see this plant being misused. High and dry with high pH soils will kill this tree. On the Kankakee River, River Birch sits in water for over a month or two.

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