Asarum canadense (Wild ginger/Canada ginger)


Type: Forb

Area: Woodland

Height: 4-12″

Bloom Months: May

Color: Maroon

Sun: Part Shade

Moisture: Dry Mesic

Soil: rich loam, some rocky material underneath the soil surface tolerated

Photo credit: Sallie Krebs, Sharon Yiesla

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Description from Possibility Place:  The single best shade, native ground cover there is. Not very tall, only reaching 10” at the biggest. The leaves are a very dark green and fuzzy to the touch, plus they’re heart shape. How can you go wrong so far? The flowers are held below the leaves almost on the ground and, and from what I understand, are pollinated by a beetle. The flowers look the same before and after pollination. For best results we’d recommend that they be planted in light shade to shade (or morning sun if you have it) in soils that are anything but heavy clay.

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Recommended for establishing soft landings under keystone tree species, more information about soft landings can be found here:


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