Aralia racemosa (Spikenard)


Mature Height: 2-3 feet
Mature Spread: 2-3 feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Growth Form: Perennial
Light Requirements: Partial Shade to Full Shade
Site Requirements: Moist, Rich Soil. Tolerates Rock and Clay Soils
Flower: White panicles
Bloom Period: June – August
Foliage: Smooth, Large, Compound, Green
Fall Color: None
Fruit Notes: Purple drupe

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Description from Johnson’s Nursery:  Is it a perennial? Is it a shrub? No, it’s Spikenard! This native, shrubby perennial thrives in the shady, moist, fertile soils of forest floors but can also tolerate rock and clay. It has beautiful, large, compound green leaves with showy white flower racemes that are followed by enticing, purple berry clusters that the birds love. This ornamental plant is a great option for someone with a shady yard.

May also be known as American Spikenard or Life of Man.

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